Website tools

In this page, you will find some tools, you can use for your own website if you like.

I'm currently working on a showroom tool, to present paintings above some furniture or the like, so its easier to see the full context.

A demo of the current version can be found here: Example

If you would like to try the first version, you can download a package here:


Version With Examples Without Examples Documentation Release Notes
1.0 download zip download zip download ebook download pdf
0.9 download zip download zip download pdf  



The tools I'm making are free to use, but to continue to make newer and better versions of this showroom, I could use any donations you are willing to give: 

Planned additions to the Showroom Tool in random order:

- More background pictures to choose between for different colour schemes - DONE

- Configurable sizes of thumbnails

- Configurable location of the thumbnails (top, bottom, left or right)

- Possibility to view better frames on the paintings (gold, silver and so on)

- Better looking scroll option in the thumbnail section

- Possibility to move the selected painting around the background

- Possibility to add more than one painting on the background

- Written instructions on how to configure and change the tool for your website - DONE


If you have any wishes or ideas for this tool, feel free to add a comment here on this page.