About me

My name is Jacob Brandt-Møller.

I've always been drawing and painting, but around 2004 I desided to do something about it and enrolled in my first course in an art school. Since then, I've been to numerous summer-courses in different art schools and there I tried to experiment with different expressions.


When you browse through my gallery on this website, you can follow my progress through the years. My more expressionistic period, a surrealist period and lately my more naturalistic period, where I've desided to paint mainly Mongolian inspired landscape and culture paintings. You will also be able to see a section of wallpaintings/murals.

Art education:

Thorstedlund art school 2004 – 2 uger

Holbæk art school 2004, 2005, 2006 – 2 uger, 2007 – 4 uger